I don’t get it !

People surrounding me tells me music is not a big part of their life. I DO NOT GET IT !

Music have brought us pain, joy, relief, anger, consolation and despair through our lifetime. When there is too much on your mind, put on your favourite record, if you’re lonely, put on your record, if you’re stressed, put on your record.
No matter what state you´re in – PUT ON YOUR RECORD !!

Living and dying, 24 hours a day, breathing music for a meaningsful and vital existence ! Who needs oxygene ??

This blog is dedicated to those who feel like me, and I know there are lots of brothers & sisters out there !


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Jan

    So Johnny people around you say music is not a big part of their life ,
    good lord , you are surrounded by the wrong people !!


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